For all my greater Pittsburgh followers, H&M in Robinson is finally getting a men’s department. No longer will you need to trek to SouthSide Works for ultra-affordable menswear.

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A Man’s Sammich

Primanti’s Corned Beef & Cheese. Aw yeah.


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Okay, American Eagle. I’m impressed.


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Drink Up


Bar Louie in Station Square’s “Mason Dixon”

Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka

SKYY Citrus

Pure cane syrup

Fresh lemon juice

Fresh brewed iced tea

Lemon wedges

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File Under Sick

Check out these kicks my friend Kayla, who is a Penn State Lionette, picked up. I saw them on facebook and had to throw them on here.


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Something I’ve wanted to do for a while was create my own personal kind of look book for the blog, but never really had a chance to start it. Today’s going to be day 1.

I made a post about these shirts a while ago. I’m not sure how long they’ll stay current but as far as this summer goes, they’ve still been all over the Gap, Banana Republics and J.Crews. I’m still gonna rock my Gap denim (I think it’s more like chambray) work shirt until it’s sartorially inappropriate. I’m thinking about pairing it with a blazer I just got to wear to my cousin’s wedding in early September.








You can’t go wrong with the classic cotton chino shorts. These ones from Gap are my go-to’s. Chambray or Denim go pretty well with them too.









To finish it off I went with my Clark’s Originals Grey Suede Desert Boot. Contrary to what I’ve noticed a lot of my friends seem to think, the Desert Boot isn’t for winter, or rain, just because it’s called a boot. The Desert Boot is a Spring/Summer shoe, and even into fall. I’ve seen too many Clark’s ruined by the snow and rain. You’re better off picking up duck boots from Land’s End or L.L. Bean. Anyway, rock these sock-less with your summer gear. They look surprisingly good with shorts, or with straight fit jeans cuffed at the ankle once or twice.

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Up in the Awkward

A Guest Blog from my dearest friend, and soon to be Delta Ultra-Platinum member, Mark.

11:31 AM – 8/1/2011

En route to Austin yet again. I figure I’ll be there in another hour and a half or so, thanks to a 45 minute delay at DTW. I feel like I’ve spent the last 6 months either on a plane, or waiting for one. You wait to board, you wait to land, you wait for that Thursday meeting to end to get to the weekend, and then you do it all over again. Rinse and repeat. Life is just a big waiting game – we’re always waiting for something, or someone.

I bought an iPad a few months ago. Considering I knew I would already have a laptop (sometimes two) for work every week, I knew lugging my own personal laptop to and from TX would be a pain. I opted to pick up the iPad to lessen the load on my back and, well, because they’re pretty sweet.

Within weeks of use, I noticed some of the cons of such a device for the frequent flyer. Questions of proper media etiquette while flying arose. I mean, we all know: Don’t blast your headphones so that the guy next to you can recite every word of the Lady Gaga song you’re playing on repeat by the end of the flight (Guilty as charged – listen to ‘You and I’). Be aware of what the album artwork on your iPhone says about you. A 22-year old male, press the skip button on my shuffle playlist a few times and you might come across Taylor Swift, the aforementioned Gaga, and, gasp, even Selena Gomez, 1 out of every 3426 times. But, what about the content that’s displayed on your laptop/tablet?

The awkwardness ensues… Two weeks ago, I’m watching Curb Your Enthusiasm and a frazzled Larry David stands on my screen, box of tampons in his hand. When you’re as close to the people next to you as these regional airplanes force, it gets a little awkward when someone wakes up from a restless nap and catches me giggling to the downloaded material playing on my iPad.

This morning, the media etiquette conundrum hit a new low. Based on recommendation, I went ahead and downloaded season 1 of Game of Thrones, a relatively new series on HBO. Within 5 minutes, I’m a little intrigued. My beheading count is at an average of around 1.3/minute. Within 15 minutes of this, the first episode, on the screen pops a midget warrior getting a blowie from some smokeshow medieval princess. I drop my complimentary pretzels (likely losing 2 or 3 of the 10 or so Delta kindly includes in every package) and go into hover mode, practically hugging the iPad and shielding it from adjacent eyes.

Let’s pause for a moment. Step into the shoes of the middle-aged man sitting next to me, USA Today crossword puzzle set unfinished in his lap, dozing on and off from the moment he crouched into his seat. No doubt, he’s Dad’d out. Yeah, that means Lee jeans – lift the pant legs of these bad boys up to the knee level and you’d be lucky to reveal an inch of skin between the height of his socks and lower thigh. The jeans are appropriately matched up with Nike’s exclusive to Kohl’s and an Armitron watch. His first impressions of me probably were as follows, in no order in particular.
• Hmm… Zone 1? Exit row with the additional leg room. Really, kid? Either you spent the night at the airport, or your Dad was nice enough to gift you Silver Medallion status
• Okay, he directed that person to the seat, maybe he’s working and travels a bit
• What in god’s name?! Is he watching midget porn mid-flight?

I can type this note with confidence, protected by a privacy screen for my laptop. By contrast, my iPad is always out in the open, and perhaps the only thing that gives an iPad more aesthetic appeal is when a midget is moaning and groaning in receipt of oral sex on the bright 10 inch screen.

I am very weary of my iPad content, now. Traveling so frequently at this age always warrants a few milliseconds more of staring judgment then the normal person. But that look becomes quite alarming when you are caught engrossed in violent medieval porn.

From here on out, I’m staying away from premium TV and anything above PG-13.

With exit row flow,


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